During a consultation, Matt's Green Thumb will visit your property and review your vision and goals for your new space. During this meeting we will get to know you better and develop a collaborative and inclusive plan to beautify your home so that our mission and your vision perfectly align.



After your initial consultation with Matt's Green Thumb, our Master Gardner, Matthew Ashby, will create a proposed design for your space which includes suggested clearing and planting spaces, plants and other garden features, as well as a maintenance program to keep your space beautiful.


Installation & Maintenance

Installation and maintenance follow our consultation and design services. During this phase your space is cleared and prepared for planting and design implementation. Debris is removed and the soil is cultivated and infused with our proprietary soil and compost blend. The agreed design is then carried out using both plants sourced locally and plants lovingly grown and cultivated by our Master Gardener. When plants are put in the ground we use a proprietary planting method that sets each plant up for successful growth. The site is then cleaned, watered, and ready for your inspection.



Sometimes our yards don't do what we envision and sometimes the elements cause damage beyond our control. When this happens it can be overwhelming which is where Matt's Green Thumb can make a difference. Our rehabilitation services include assessment, plant recovery, soil enrichment, and bed reconstitution.


Planters, Pots & Boxes

At Matt's Green Thumb we know that time is precious and we don't always have time to create and care for plants at our homes especially if we are snowbirds splitting time between homes. To help keep your home beautiful and ready to enjoy at a moment's notice, we offer custom planter's, pots, and planting boxes designed, delivered and maintained at your home for only the time you need them there.


Masonry & Stonework

When we create beautiful garden spaces we often begin to notice other things around our homes that need to be made beautiful too. From steps to walkways to borders, Matt's Green Thumb can help make your entire outdoor space more inviting. Our services range from repair to design and creation  - we put the CURB in curb appeal.


Handcrafted Garden Structures

You look out at your garden, the flowers are lush and beautiful, everything is just perfect except something is missing! Maybe it's a bird bath, water feature, gazebo, trellis, or swing - whatever you heart's desire Matt's Green Thumb can turn that vision into a reality with our carpentry and masonry offerings. From design to installation, our collaborative process will make your garden everything you dreamed it could be.